Cihan Kaan was born at the height of the disco era in Dallas, Texas.

Some time in the eighties he was forcefully ejected from the burr under his saddle into the rainy glowing gritty streets of Brooklyn, New York.

By 2014, after his movie was made and his book released with a successful digital agency under his belt, he escaped from Clintonian grips of the US State Department and went to Sedona to become a healer.

Somehow he landed in Venice, California thinking he could surf.

He sort of could, alas, however the Venice locals (who took to his pronounciation of 'cawfee' very warmly), threw him into storm waters in Porto with a 1955 Endless Summer longboard.

The board smacked him in the head during a maverick 40 foot wave and he began calling himself "Geo."

Currently, he is working on several projects in various stages of development.