For Halal Pork:

Audio - St.Marks Church, New York - 12.19.12 Reading from "Town Runnin' Dry"
Written : Wall Street Journal India: Islamophobia By Aarti Virani

Written: Questions & Answers on "Halal Pork and Other Stories"
Audio: Cross-Cultural Poetics with Leonard Shwartz, Reading "Crimean Saladin"
Audio: Asia-Pacific Radio, Discussing Muslim Female depictions

REVIEW: BOMB Magazine Summer 2011: Halal Pork & Other Stories Review by Ammiel Alcalay

Online Writings

From Madonna to M.I.A: The 2012 VMA's in Perspective - 28 Years of VMAs
On the passing of a Beastie Boy - "Adam Yauch was a Muslim Hero" Al Jazeera
Satire and East vs West Sensitivities - The Science of Satire
Analysis of Russian/Crimean reoccupation - Rereading "The Crimean Saladin"
On the Charles Hebdo tragedy - #JeSuisSatire : Satire in Islam

For She's Got an Atomic Bomb (2005):

REVIEW: Indypendant: Drunk on Punk By Ted Myczewski
Article : First Independant film to screen in VR Second Life
VIDEO: Interview for "She's Got an Atomic Bomb"


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