Reading "Crimean Saladin"

Cihan Kaan responds to the recent unrest in the Ukraine in a resharing of his University of Pennsylvania reading of the story "Crimean Saladin"

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"...In the wake of Ukrainian unrest, the Russian forces have decided they want the Crimea back. A Russian governmental presence may destroy the Crimean-Tatars peaceful and political gains for recognition.

At the core of the Russian adventures in Crimea besides imperialist conquest and beachside property ownership is a deep rooted Cossak nationalism, the flames of which fanned by Putin and intermixed with false history about the Tatars indicate a racially classist power structure will be instituted to disempower Tatars again. The bear is not interested in peacefully co-existing with the indigenous population...

I support the Crimean-Tatars in their mission to regain, reinterpret and realize the dream of a post-Russian Vatan (homeland) alongside the peaceful Russians that live there."

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