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My Story

I am Cihan Kaan. I was born at the height of the disco era in Dallas, Texas.

My first gig in tech was during web 1.0 days in Silicon Alley New York, as a liaison between coders and designers for a 3D search engine developed by MIT. Before that, I was an MTV music video director and signed electronic musician who was known to throw outlaw parties around New York once in a while. I have the first degree awarded in New York for Applied Interactive Multimedia.

By web 2.0, I was a one man digital agency with the capacity to finish entire digital, print or video projects / productions quickly. I work solo. I work with teams. I assemble teams. My training in the foxholes during the digital transformation of New York has made me technically flexible, adaptive to new tech with a business acumen for not compromising concept while still remaining in budget.

My specific skillset affords me the flexibility of working well with hackers along with creative professionals as well. I've had the honor to have developed, designed, even sometimes coded award winning interactive websites, films and artistic spectacles for great cultural institutions.

I love building my own teams to achieve greatness together, even if I can do it myself. The best projects have been the ones where we come together for a common cause. My conversational approach can also provide deep diving consultations for a number of industries.

Content Creation
Visual Design and Effects
Project Management
Saving the Day

What I Offer

Content Creation

Content Brand Building. Virtual Marketplace. News & Community effect.

Digital Production

Script to Screen. Pre to Post-Production. Distribution to Promotions.

Project Management

Concise Communication Skills. Scope to deadline. Trello to Basecamp.

Visual Effects // Visual Design

Titling, Moving Logos, Animation, Atmospherics.


Wireframes to Functional Prototypes, Information Architecture to Launches, Coding to Cybersecurity

Social + Marketing

Digital to Guerilla. Google to TikTok. User Funnels to Audience Building.


Hours Worked


Cups of Coffee


Happy Clients


Projects Finished

My Resume

  • VFX - XQ Super School


    Photo manipulated and designed atmospheric effects rendered to 4K for 40 African-American and indigenous civil rights leaders in recent history (Ken Burns Effect Style.) For Russlyn Ali, Laurene Powell Jobs and Marc Ecko's XQ Super School Gala at Lincoln Center.

  • Production Management (Venice Division) - Charlottes Web CBD


    Facilitated Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One crew from New York with local production management tasks involving locations, person on the street interviews, ensuring drone-camera shots, crowd control and shot planning.

  • Content Lead/Digital Producer - The Abbot Skinny


    Founded and produced Venice based interview, art fashion blogzine. Created both written and filmed content for local theater, gallery and b2b. Split content strategy plays across all social media channels in different ways from the Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube accounts respectively for ideal target audience reach and brand visibility. Developed 100% of the UX + content strategy ensuring over 25 collaborations with other Venice-based artists and businesses.

  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Interactive Multimedia


    Brooklyn College, City University of New York B.A

  • Awards + Notable


    LinkedIn Best UX Designer 2017 // Author "Halal Pork & Other Stories // LA DV Gold Award, Best DVD Experience "The Cutting Vision" // Audience Award, B-Movie Film Festival, SinCity Erotic Film Festival, “She’s Got an Atomic Bomb”,"Shufflemode" // Best Interactive Website, "MuuseMe" // Published Author + Public Speaker // United States Department of State Changemaker

"The real punks are fixing the planet."

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